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We supply various temperature, humidity, sensor, contactor, overvoltage, timer, and temperature controllers as well as heating elements, reels, cables, cable trays and air cylinders.

Our services

We have many distinctive services that we offer to our customers.

Control systems Developing and programming various control systems with high accuracy.
Installation and maintenance Specialized in maintenance of speed variants, controllers and screens.
Training Training of engineers and technicians on the management of control systems.
Supply of products Supplying various temperature, humidity, sensors, contactors, overlouds, timers, counters and other components.

Vision and Mission

we is committed to providing high quality products, efficiency and efficiency to increase efficiency of Egyptian factories in terms of quality and production.
To compete foreign products and provide technical support and development of all control systems.
And our vision of growth and development in the field of control systems and raise the efficiency of Egyptian factories and raise the competitiveness of the Egyptian product.

's best project

We appretiate working on this project
and we believe it was our best.

Technical Company for Industrial Systems We are a technical engineering company working on the development of industrial production lines using logical control units and control screens
to reach the highest level of production and production time and effort.

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