-Developing and programming various control systems.
-Installation and maintenance of all supplied by our company.
-Training of engineers and technicians on the management of the control system.
-Supplying various temperature, humidity, sensors, contactors, overlouds, timers, counters, heating elements, cables, cables, cable trays, air cylinders
Our company is an authorized distributor for many foreign companies:

Fatek Company ( PLC ) Taiwan
Weintek Company ( Touch Screens ) Taiwan
Rhymebus “RM5” Company ( AC Drive Inverters ) Taiwan
M.D. Micro Detectors Company ( Proximity Photocells Sensors ) Italy
Eltra Company ( Pulse Encoders ) Italy
Thermo System Company ( Temperature Controllers ) Italy
PVD-Tork Company ( Solenoid Valves ) Turkey
Air Comp Company ( Solenoid Valves and Service Unit ) Italy
Adel System Company ( Power S Italy
DAQ Factory Company ( Scada ) USA










We can also provide any components required for control circuits for other engines not mentioned above.